More about Darlene…

Hello, everybody, while enjoying an excellent tennis at 2014 French open, I would like to say more about me and my journey as a tennis player and a tennis fan. I hope you all enjoyed semi-finals and let kill some time while we are waiting for a great final tomorrow! Also, while I’m here, if you are interested in some regular tennis thoughts and analysis I would recommend you to check out this link and articles written by my friend Atdhe on Sports LTD. He always got some fresh tennis news and also the rest of the site is great of course if you are interested in other sports too. 😉

Anyway, as I said, I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old. It was a wish of my father who is also a huge tennis fan. His favorite players were Lendl and Borg, so he wanted his little girl to be a tennis player too. And I fell in love with this wonderful game when from the first moment and I still love it. I play it recreationally every day. Even though my father loved to see me playing it as a little girl, he never put any pressure on me that I must become good at it. Which was good, because no matter how much I loved to play it, I never really had a talent to become a professional, simply I wasn’t physically built for something like that. That’s why already in my early years I gave up on any possibility of becoming a professional player and since then I was playing it only recreationally. Which is good I think, because that way tennis stayed my LOVE and not my OBLIGATION in any way. Thank you, dad!

P.S. The pic is not me, but still it’s so cute, it reminds of myself 🙂



Pete or Roger?

As I said in my previous posts, I consider Roger Federer the best tennis player of all time. Also, I said that think he’s just a little bit better than Pete Sampras. I don’t think that any third player could compete with them at this time on that level, although Nadal and Djokovic still have enough time to enter the race (personally I don’t think that will happen though).

But why do I favor Roger to Sampras? Well, it’s a very tough choice actually. As I said, Roger is for me really just a little little ahead. Firstly, numbers don’t lie, so I got to give him his credit for beating Sampras in all of the relevant categories, like number of Slams or weeks spent as the #1. But also, I think that Federer got a little bit more competition to handle during his era. Both had some periods of their career when they really didn’t have any competition (especially Roger before Nadal’s breakthrough or Sampras’ during the time when Agassi was absent), but I kind feel that once Nadal and Djokovic (arguably another top 5 players of all time and I would say they are #3 and #4) Roger played in arguable the golden era of tennis – the best era! So he had to handle the competition that none of his predecessors had and he still managed, even though he was slowly getting out of his peak to win some big tournaments and give these two a lot of trouble and to be on par with them. That really makes him the GOAT!


An ode to Pete Sampras…

Pete Sampras! My childhood hero! Growing up and playing tennis as a little girl this was the guy who was my absolute idol! I had a huge poster of him in my childhood room and I was watching him on TV whenever he was on. He was unbeatable back then and he was the best that ever did it (I still consider him the best ever but just a little bit behind Federer). His server and volley strategy was so beautiful to watch and until this day every few days I go to YouTube to enjoy some of his best serve and volley compilations. Too bad that this style of play almost completely died.

Affinity for Sampras in my family comes not only from him being one of the best tennis players ever, but also from him being a Greek-American. My mom is Greek-American too and she and her part of our family were always cheering for Sampras for that reason. I know it sounds silly, but that’s how it was. 🙂 I didn’t really care for that a lot, because as I said, he was too good and too enjoyable to watch, so I could care about anything else. And not to mention that he was handsome and good looking too, which is not so unimportant to a little girl like I was. 🙂

Semis… Whom to support?

Semi-finals! Today! Djokovic – Gulbis, Nadal – Murray! Whom to support? At least for me – that’s not really a though choice. From aforementioned players Djokovic is the only one that I am fan of. Together with Roger he is one of my two favorites among the current players so since Roger is out and I’m not a fan of Rafa and Andy at all, of course I want Nole to win this.

There weren’t any surprises since Wawrinka and Federer got kicked out. There were some spectacular matches though and overall level of tennis is very high at French 2014. Djokovic is looking immense by now, he literally smashed Tsonga and Raonic, for me he is the #1 favorite to win the tournament. I don’t think he will have any problems with Gulbis and I expect that no matter who will be his rival in the finals, Novak will have an advantage.

Murray vs. Nadal? It’s hard to tell. Usually there will be no dilemma that Nadal got a lot more chances give that clay is his turf, but he really doesn’t look good the whole tournament so I think Andy got some chances to win. I expect long and hard match, which will help Djokovic in the final also!

One thing I know, I’m sure we will enjoy the both matches! 😉


Wawrinka and Roger out!

Well first rounds of this years’ Roland Garros surprised us with two of the top favorites of tournament being kicked out early: Stanislas Wawrinka and Roger Federer. While I don’t care about Wawrinka really (I respect him as a player, but I’m simply not a fan and I don’t think he will be high ranked for a long time), I was pretty sad because of Roger.

Stan lost to Lopez in the first round! As I said, even though I think that he is too high up on the rankings right now and I didn’t count on him to win this tournament, I must say that him getting kicked out so early was shocking. On the other hand it was well deserved, Lopez really “stuffed” him. We’ll see how he will perform at Wimbledon though.

On the other hand, I desperate after Roger’s elimination. He’s my favorite of all time and I consider him the best that ever played this game. Although he past his peak of course, he is still so enjoyable to watch, especially given that he’s 33 years old! I doubt Djokovic or Nadal will play like this at that age. I’m aware that I can’t expect Roger winning tournaments like years before, still it’s hard for me to see him getting kicked out. Well, once again I got to say that it was well deserved, Gulbis was amazing!



Hello, my name is Darlene, I’m an amateur tennis player and a huge tennis fan. I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old and since then it is my biggest love. My all time favorite players are Sampras, Federer, Djokovic, Del Potro, Sharapova, Henan. This blog is just my way to write my thoughts and analysis on current tennis events… I’m not really an exprt when it comes to web design and development, so I just created this simple layout, I know it’s not really the best looking, but I will probably improve it over the time. For now, it’s good enough I think. 🙂 I was thinking for a long time to start a blog like this and while preparing for this year’s Rolland Garros I’ve decided to give it a go! So I hope I will get some readers among the fellow tennis fans online. 😉 Read, share, subscribe!